Short-term tuition fee guidance


Applies to those who are staying in Japan except on a student visa or those who want to visit Japan.

Examples : Family stay visit, Spouse visit, Short stay, Working Holiday etc.

Tuition Fee :

 A   For those except student visa

Entrance fee

¥ 20,000

Tuition FeeAdditional materials fee

¥ 2,800 / Day

   4 classes per day (45min. x 4)

B For working holidays person

Entrance fee

¥ 20,000

Tuition FeeAdditional materials fee

¥ 3000 / Day

  4 classes per day (45min. x 4) interviews, resume writing etc.

    (Conversation classes) twice a week

 School staff can help you to find a job which suits you and also provide part-time job information

  A Working-holiday person will pay the same price as A, if you wish to only study the Japanese class.

 Note :

① A placement test will be held before you pass on to the next level of classes.

② Tuition fees should be paid before beginning your short term. It is not possible to participate in the case ofunpaid fees. You will only be allowed to study for the certain study period that you have paid for. If you wish to continue with your classes beyond what you have paid for, you must pay before attending your next class. In the case of cancelation, tuition fees already paid will not be refundable.

③The following documents are required for the application.

  Copy of Passport 

  Copy of residence card (residence card will be submitted after entry to Japan in thecase of applications from overseas) not for short visa individuals

  Application form

 ・  2 photos

 ・  Entrance fee, Tuition Fee

 ・  Submit a “copy of travel insurance document ” (not applicable for spouse or family stay)

4 Please write accommodation arrangements if required in the application form.

School dormitory(Men)

Double bed room

 ¥ 25,000 /month 

 Includingutility costs and all rentalfees

Triple bed room

 ¥ 22,000 / month(utility cost included)

 Includingutility costs and all rentalfees



 ¥ 70,000 ~ 

Separateutility costs and all rentalfees


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