About Fukuoka

Fukuoka is a historic metropolitan city also known as the gateway to Asia. It is a principal city necessary for the thriving economy and culture of Western Japan. Fukuoka is a safe and secure environment with very few natural disasters.

■Features of Fukuoka

  • ●Fukuoka is a vibrant metropolitan city located close to the heart of Asia with a long and ever-changing history. It also plays a key active role in the economic and cultural developments that occur in the Western area of Japan. In addition, Fukuoka has the third largest amount of foreign students residing in Japan, of which 90% of them come from other parts of Asia.
  • ●Fukuoka takes great pride and places value on its economic and cultural exchange with Asia, and therefore Fukuoka vows to remain an open and international-friendly city to all foreigners and foreign students.
  • ●Fukuoka is the site of the Asia International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone Promotion Conference, which has been established in order to invite and attract Asian businesses actively to Fukuoka prefecture. As a united and effective force, the public and private sectors have been busy in promoting this special zone for early realization.

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