Alumni Comments

“Fukuoka International Academy is not just a way for studying abroad;
It serves as a bridge to blend into Japanese society”

When I first enrolled in Fukuoka International Academy, I thought a language school was just one of many ways to study abroad. However, as the days went by, I started to feel this place is not just a means to study in Japan, but it is a true bridge for blending into Japanese society. I was taught about Japanese society and culture through kind-hearted teachers who I met here. Studying in Japan has become, truthfully, an incalculably valuable experience in my life.
In my opinion, higher learning should happen voluntarily. I used to ride a bicycle around in my spare time, and found the opportunity to talk to Japanese people during my language school days. In this way, I improved my Japanese language skill by means of daily practice and routine. Moreover, as of now, I have completed the Master’s Degree program at the national university of Kyushu Institute of Technology, and was hired by TOYOTA Body Research and Development after I graduated, all due to my education in Fukuoka International Academy and my voluntary learning. I wish every student reading this has the ability to move forward and make your dreams come true.

Studied at Department of Mechanical and Intelligent System Engineering,
Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu University

Employed at TOYOTA Body Research and Development Co., Ltd.

左 亦根(サ エキコン)さん
Yigen Zuo 【From Hunan, China】

“Make your dream into reality in Fukuoka International Academy!”

As many people have said, studying at Fukuoka International Academy can at times be much harder compared to other language schools; however, from the moment we students started to consider taking our university entrance exams, we fully realized all those strict academic approaches were necessary to better our academic achievements.
When I first arrived in Japan with no relatives living near-by, our teachers celebrated the Chinese New Year with us, and took us to many places to learn about Japanese culture and customs. I have especially fond memories of how the teachers cheered us on before the university entrance exam; they taught us how to fill out the application forms after school, and guided us through every manner
and possibility during the university interview practices. These things were all so helpful. From my own experience, it is not easy to study and live in a foreign country at the beginning; hence, choosing a good language school is very important. I miss the days in Fukuoka International Academy, and I wish you can all experience what I have in this school, and come and turn your dreams into a reality!

Studies at Faculty of Commerce, Fukuoka University

馮 婉婷(ヒョウ エンテイ)さん
Wanting Feng 【From Auhui, China】

“Teachers had been caring for us like parents.”

When I was seeking out a good Japanese language school, my relatives, who had lived in Japan for 10 years, recommended Fukuoka International Academy to me right away for a simple reason- this school gives both strict education and caring guidance. Indeed, our teachers always cared about us like real parents both inside and outside of class. During the academic guidance, teachers gave us advice and provided us with goals, and even personally drove many of us to open campuses in spite of their busy schedules, for which I am deeply impressed. At the same time, I appreciate this school so much for teaching me the Japanese language, culture, and also leading me to a greater understanding about Japanese society. I wish existing students to have the ability to lay out their academic plans well and spend their school days with a sense of accomplishment. You can gain your confidence at Fukuoka International Academy in a beautiful, transportation-friendly, and lively Fukuoka city. Don’t miss your chance!

Studies at Department of Engineering, Kumamoto University

 天航(リュウ テンコウ)さん
Tianhang Liu 【From Wuhan city, Hubei, China】

“Fukuoka International Academy’s high-level education and stringent academic approach made me a success”

The education standard of Fukuoka International Academy is high, and very strict. However, I felt that if I had to spend a lot of money to study abroad, I wanted to study in a professional school where I can really learn something- this is why I choose Fukuoka International Academy. All my teachers were involved enthusiastically with their students, and we knew they really hoped to see us all become successful university students. In addition, our classes were divided by the student’s ability; therefore, we all had the chance to study at a higher level, which really motivated our wills to get a better grade. After I was accepted by Kyushu University, I was able to deepen my knowledge about Japanese language, culture and my professional field of study.
Now, I am in my senior year of university, and have already received a tentative job offer from one of the best companies in Japan. I would like to sincerely thank
Fukuoka International Academy for my success, because without its education and guidance, I would not be able to enter such a good university, nor be accepted by a top-notch business!

Studies at Department of Education, Kyushu University
Employed at Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.

玄 文彬(ゲン アキラ)さん
Wenbin Xuan 【From Zhejiang, China 】

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