Livelihood Support/Q&A

寮のインターネットコーナー 学生の『安心・安全』を最優先に考えた支援体制。日本での学生生活を全面的にバックアップ。

There is a learning room and an Internet room and full kitchen.

Student housing’s location is in a quiet neighborhood which is a 5 minutes-walk distance from school. Students will commute through a secure school route in a residential area. We have a full-time housing manager and foreign managing staff at our student housing facility to assist and help students.

Efficient Part-time Job Support

Fukuoka International Academy provides full support for students securing part-time jobs, and we have high part-time employment achievement rates. For all students seeking employment, we coach students on interview practice techniques and telephone interview skills.

Counsel for Safe and Secure Living

Our foreign staff has been in residence in Japan for over 10 years, and is well equipped to help students adapt quickly to an unfamiliar environment, including our immediate response for helping students react to any unexpected situations, such as car accidents or sudden illness.

School News Letter

We mail our School News Letter to give parents a better understanding about school events, student’s grades, attendance, school life and so on. Moreover, parents can see regular updates on school life on our website. We are doing our best for parents to feel worry-free.



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