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Flow until graduation

Six months before enrollment

In order to send an application to the Immigration Bureau for your student visa, you will need to prepare some essential documents. Please review the pre-entry requirements carefully, determine which documents you need, and send them to the school.

Three to four months prior to enrollment

Fukuoka International Academy will apply for your certificate of eligibility. This will require you to pay an application fee. The result of your application will be reported about 1 month prior to enrollment.

One month prior to enrollment

When your certificate of eligibility is confirmed, we will send you an invoice for your first year's tuition. After you have sent advance payment of your first year's tuition, we will send you your certificate of eligibility. You must then take your certificate to the Japanese embassy in your country and apply for a student visa. After receiving your visa, you may book a flight to Japan.

Immediately prior to entering Japan

We arrange a school dormitory to an applicant.

Entry into Japan

Upon entry, a seal of landing verification will be stamped into your passport. If you are planning to stay in Japan for a significantly long period of time you will also be issued a residence card.
As you enter the country you will also secure permission to work outside of your designated visa, and proof of that permission will be stamped onto your residence card.
Our staff will pick you up at the airport and guide you to your lodgings, or to the school.

Entering our school

You will visit our school for the first time to participate in an enrollment ceremony, receive an orientation, and take a Japanese placement test.

Two weeks after enrollment

Assisted by our staff, you’ll undergo resident registration and enter the National Health Insurance system at your local ward office. This process will take about two weeks.

One month after enrollment

You will begin searching for a part time job. Our staff will show you how to prepare the documents necessary for your job hunt, and support you throughout this process.

Six months prior to graduation

You will begin to receive consultations oriented towards exploring your options post-graduation.

Two to three months prior to graduation

Around this time students who plan to advance to universities, graduate schools, and technical schools will be receiving letters of acceptance, and paying the fees associated with entering their new schools. Such students will also begin applying for an extension on their visa.

Graduation ceremony

Congratulations! This is the day you graduate from our language school. Students will now move forward on their own paths towards their own goals.