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(China/ Henan Luoyang)

Enrolled in October 2016

Why did you choose Fukuoka International Academy?
At first I thought of enrolling in a Japanese language school in Tokyo, but I heard that the money needed for daily life was cheaper in Fukuoka. My friend's sister introduced me to Fukuoka International Academy. She is a graduate of this school. She told me, "Fukuoka International Academy has a long history. There are many passionate teachers."
What did you find was fun in class?
The collaboration class with the elementary school students was fun.
We played sports together. We also sang together. I introduced my country too. We ate 'kyushoku' together as well. 'Kyushoku' is school lunch that everyone eats together. It was very delicious. If there is a chance, I want to do another collaboration class.


(China / Shaanxi Pingli Country)

Enrolled in April 2015

What are you studying now?
I studied Japanese and graduated from Fukuoka International Academy. Now, I am doing research at Kyushu University Graduate School. In the future, I want to return to China to be a university professor. I studied a lot of Japanese at Fukuoka International Academy. I also passed the JLPT N1 level. When I entered Kyushu University, the teachers gave me advice and support.
Tell us how to study Japanese.
The classes at school are the most important thing. It is also important to review the vocabulary and grammar that you learned in class. There is no special way to study vocabulary. I think it's good to diligently study, and remember the vocabulary and grammar a little bit at a time every day. Ask the teacher about things you do not understand, and they will teach you in detail and with care.


(Vietnam/ Ho Chi Minh)

Enrolled in April, 2015

Please tell us your favorite Japanese word.
It is ''Yokudekimashita(You did well)!"When I worked hard and was able to do something, the teacher would tell me this phrase. The teacher also said, "Yoku ganbarimashita." My friends also tell me, "Omedetou (Congratulations)!" "Sugai ne (Wow)!" My favorite Japanese words are the ones that are used when everyone acknowledges your hard work.
A message for the people who want to study Japanese.
In order to study at Fukuoka International Academy, it costs money. Please try hard not to waste that money. There are many students who work a part-time job, but please think about your studies first. The money you get from your part-time job is only money for now. When you study diligently, that will become your money for your future.


(Vietnam/Ho Chi Minh)

Enrolled in October, 2015

What are you studying right now?
I graduated from Fukuoka International Academy and I am now living in Osaka. I am studying to go to university. Even at my current school, my studies at Fukuoka International Academy have been useful. Although there are difficult Japanese Kanji and grammar, I have learned it already, so I understand it. If you don't study properly, there is no meaning in studying abroad.
What place in Fukuoka do you like?
My favorite place in Fukuoka is Dazaifu. In the fall, I go maple leaf viewing. Maple leaf viewing is when you go to see the leaves in the mountain that have changed to colors such as red or yellow. In Vietnam, we do not have maple leaf viewing. I was surprised by the beauty. Also, the fireworks in summer are pretty in Japan too.



Enrolled in October, 2015

Tell us about Fukuoka International Academy.
I love Fukuoka International Academy. I remember everything from when I entered the school. The teachers are all nice. To students who want to study, the teachers will teach you until you understand. They are not patient with students who don't want to study. You have to study for yourself. This school is good for those that understand this.
What are you studying now?
Now, I am studying hospitality and tourism at a university. When I graduate, I have a dream to become a mountain guide in Nepal. Many Japanese people come to Nepal for trekking. I think the things I have studied in Japan will be useful. To put it into Japanese words, it's 'Omotenashi (hospitality)'.



Enrolled in April, 2015

Tell us how to study Japanese.
The most important thing is to go to school every day and study.
Listen carefully to what the teachers say during class. Also, when you go home, review what you learned. Aside from school, working part-time is another way of studying Japanese. When you converse with the people you meet at your part time job and ask them things you don't understand, your Japanese will become better.
What is something you are glad about after coming to Japan?
It was being able to meet the teachers at Fukuoka International Academy.
Not just during class, but the teachers helped me with living in Japan as though they were my family. The most important thing for students is to enroll at the school with a goal in mind. What will you do in the future after studying Japanese? What will you be?


(Sri Lanka/Minuwangoda)

Enrolled in October, 2015

Did you face any troubles with living in Japan?
At first I didn't know Japanese Kanji and so I made mistakes. I went to buy salt but bought sugar by mistake. When I was working part-time, there were many Japanese people. It's troubling when you can't speak Japanese. But, everyone was kind and taught me when I didn't know something. That also became a way to study Japanese.
What are the differences between Japan and Sri Lanka?
If you're going to live in Japan, follow Japan's rules. Greetings are especially important. I think Japan is the only country in the world that uses greetings this much. Japan is a country where you can study a lot. There are people who come to Japan because they want to work part-time, but I think it's a good idea to come here to study.


(Sri Lanka / Veyangoda)

Enrolled in October, 2015

Tell us about the JLPT.
I have passed level N3 of the JLPT. When I was in Sri Lanka I passed level N5 and came to Japan. That is why I was able to understand the classes at Fukuoka International Academy. If you're going to come to Japan, I think you should come after you've studied Japanese. Now, I am studying to pass level N2.
When I pass level N2, I will be able to study in the same classes as Japanese people at my current vocational school.
Tell us about Fukuoka International Academy.
This school has strict rules, but I think that this is a good thing for the students. There are many things you won't be used to at first, whether it's studying or daily life. However, I made many friends at the dorm. Everyone has graduated Fukuoka International Academy and we are now studying in different cities in Japan. Even though we have graduated, we are all still friends.