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3 Principles

Successful Learning

When living in Japan and going on to Higher education, Japanese Language skills are indispensable. Our academy assigns level-based classes based on the student's placement and adopts the Room Teacher system. As a result of our curriculum being catered to each level, language acquisition is ensured.


Learning Etiquette and Manners

In Japanese society, knowing proper etiquette is important for building relationships with the people. It is not that international students are "incapable" of these rules, just "unaware", so we teach you the manners and customs necessary for living in Japan. Aside form language training, we also help you acquire time management skills and the ability to behave properly in public based on your sound judgments.


Counseling for Higher Education

After graduating from our academy, you may go to vocational school, college, or graduate school. However, it is not easy for international students to decide where to go. Our academy offers many opportunities to receive information, including regular counseling and on-campus information sessions. We also provide one-to-one support on various aspects of entrance exams, such as filling out applications, preparing documents, training for interview exams, and strategizing for written tests.