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Approval rating of “excellent”
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Greetings  from the School

With a long history of exchange with various countries, Fukuoka welcomes many visitors from overseas as one of the gateways to Japan. Fukuoka is a cosmopolitan city that is very compact and convenient, and blessed with abundant natural surroundings. It is an attractive city that boasts traditional festivals and food culture that appeal not only to international students but to many visitors around the world.

In such a superb city, Fukuoka International Academy has over 20 years of experience in Japanese language education, and academy graduates thrive in Japan and abroad. Our teachers are strict but very passionate. The mission of our academy is to equip students with the necessary language skills and capability to live in Japan. Although actual studies last only one and a half to two years, our faculty are in full support to make your studies abroad a meaningful and fulfilling experience. Come study with us at Fukuoka International Academy!

Fukuoka International Academy Principal