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Living hood Support / Q&A

Livelihood Support

A Support system that considers our students' safety and security as the top priority.
We provide complete support for our students during their stay in Japan.

Share room

There is a learning room and an Internet room and full kitchen.

Student housing’s location is in a quiet neighborhood which is a 5 minutes-walk distance from school. Students will commute through a secure school route in a residential area.

(Equipment) Kitchen, Microwave oven, Washing machine, TV,Refrigerator, Air-conditioner, Wi-Fi Shared Accomodation 3 person /room Accomodation is located approximately 5 from the school

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Entering our school

What are the required documents for admission?

Admission, graduation certificate, etc. Please see the admissions section for details

Are there qualifications necessary for admission?

Educational history over 12 years in your home country, Japanese equivalent to N5 is required.

What is the appropriate age to study abroad?

There are no specific regulations

Is there a reduction in tuition fees, scholarships?

JASSO Scholarship

What are the students of the country?

Currently there have Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China.

Do i need to study Japanese before study abroad?


Ablout class

How many hours in the class a day?

45 minutes x4 lesson total relax time off between is 20 minutes

How many student in one class?

About 20

Do we have do the homework or test?

You have to do the homework and test everyday

Please tell me about the textbook that are used for study.

"Dekiru Nihongo" is the main text.
The textbook is easy to use, even for people who are studying Japanese for the first time. You choose a situation that requires Japanese, think about the conversation, and answer in Japanese. It is not just studying Kanji and grammar, but strengthening your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. It is easy to understand even for students from countries that do not use characters Kanji in their language.

A teacher who responded

Ms. Koga Satoko

We will support you in your studies and daily life. However, your future is something that you make yourself. Walk with your own feet and aim for the future.

A message from a senior student

RAMTEL RAVIDHWAJ (Nepal/Kathmandu)

The textbook used at Fukuoka International Academy and the teacher's teaching method was thoughtful and easy to understand. As the teacher advised, I prepared before each lesson which helped me understand the lessons well, and I passed Level N3 of the JLPT.

What is the JLPT useful for?

It is useful for going on to college or finding employment.
The JLPT, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test, is an exam that measures a person's ability the Japanese language. The tests are held twice a year, in July and December. If you pass a high level, it can help you work in Japan or enter a university or a vocational school. Depending on the level achieved, there are possible merits such as a reduction of tuition when enrolling at a school. If you study in Japan, we recommended taking the exam.

Please tell me how to study for the JLPT.

It is useful for going on to college or finding employment.
The text used at Fukuoka International Academy is very close to the content of the JLPT exam. Taking classes diligently every day will help your studies for the JLPT. Before the exam, you will take a lesson on getting used to examination questions. Besides taking classes, students study on their own as well.

A teacher who responded

Ms. Wada Fumie

Before coming to Japan, please do research about what type of country Japan is. Even knowing a little Japanese or learning a little about Japanese culture will give you a head start in studying.

A message from a senior student

WANG XINCHENG(China/ Henan Luoyang)

I am thinking of studying economy at Hitotsubashi University. In order to study at a Japanese university, I am aiming to pass levels N2 and N1. I wake up early to study vocabulary when my mind is fresh. Before the exam, I review questions from older exams for study. I listen to the Japanese CD and speak aloud with the CD to remember the sentences.

About life

Is there a dormitory for students?

The dorm is in the area where you can go to school by walking or by bike

Part time job support

The school will teach you how to write a curriculum vitae and how to make a phone call.

What kind the part time job student doing?

Convenience stores, pubs , food factories.

How much is the monthly living expenses?

It is around 70,000 yen to 80,000 yen.

Please tell us about Japanese insurance.

The school will apply for national insurance for students. There is also a student insurance policy that is registered by the school.