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Long-term course recruitment overview

Applicant Qualification

An “Enrollment Exam” will be given to applicants who meet all requirements as listed in 1~4 :

  • Applicant has completed 12 years or more of schooling, also hopes to enter university, graduate school or vocational school in Japan.
  • The date of graduation of the last school attended is within 5 years.
  • Applicant who has outstanding academic grades, also is highly motivated to learn Japanese.
  • Applicant whose endorser has an ability to pay all applicant’s financial expenses during his/her stay in Japan.(Bank account with \3,000,000 or more)

Enrollment and Attendance Periods

We offer 3 entrance periods per year. Enrollment period is generally for2 years21 months18 months

  • April Student (2 years)
  • July Student (21 months)
  • October Student (18 months)

Application Procedure

Item Date
April Student July Student October Student
Entrance Examination Date(S) August~selected date in the month of November January~selected date in the month of February February~selected date in the month of May
Examination Location(S) Applicant’s home country’s capital, or other major city Applicant’s home country’s capital, or other major city Applicant’s home country’s capital, or other major city
Applications Acceptance Date ~ Mid November ~ Mid February ~ Mid May
Immigration Bureau Results The third and fourth weeks of February The third and fourth weeks of May The third and fourth weeks of August
Visa Acquisition Procedure End of February~ end of March End of May~ end of June End of August~ end of September
Entry Beginning of April Beginning of July Beginning of October

About an entrance examination ● Applications will solely be judged by results of essay and interview.


※Applicable: Tuition fees in the table below from October 2019

Tuition 1 year 2 year
1 years (April Student・October Student) 9 months (July Student) 6 months 6 months
Admission Fee ¥30,000 ¥30,000
Tuition ¥720,000 ¥540,000 ¥360,000 ¥360,000
Material Fee ¥14,000 ¥10,500 ¥40,000 ¥40,000
Insurance Fee \10,000 \7,500 \5,000 \5,000
Total ¥774,000 ¥588,000 ¥368,000 ¥368,000


Screening Fee ¥30,000
Room and Board Expense 6-months Room and Board Expense of 3-person room (¥20,000/month) ¥120,000
Application fee for Student Housing ¥20,000
Utility Bills Utility costs are included in room rate.
Total   ¥140,000

(Note) Notification for Expenses

  • *1 Once a payment has been made to Fukuoka Internal Academy, As a general policy, we will not issue refunds regardless of any reason.
    • [Exception] If applicant is not able to enter Japan due to decline of visa even after the Certificate; of Eligibility is issued by the Immigration Bureau, we will refund applicant all payments except for the non-refundable ¥30.000 screening fee.
  • *2 The fee for the Japanese entrance exam and the college entrance examination as well as the private classes for the above exams are also included in the fees.
    mentioned above.

Health insurances and Rates

National Health Insurance

All students must acquire National Health Insurance in order to receive medical care for illness and injury during their stay in Japan. Students are responsible for annual insurance premium of ¥19.000 (approximate).

Personal Liability Insurance

All students must subscribe to Personal Liability Insurance in case that compensation occurs due to car accident, or damages another person’s article/property by fault. Students are responsible for annual insurance premium of ¥10,000 (approximate)

*Insurance premiums mentioned in 1~2 may change due to insurance company’s policies.

Student Housing Policy

As a general rule at Fukuoka International Academy

we highly recommend our students to live in a student house until they become familiar with their environment. However, in the case when student wishes to live outside with their relatives or friends who live inside Fukuoka, we may take it under consideration by asking the student to present a written agreement from his/her parents which must include contact information such as address and relationship with his/her new housemate.

Scholarship System

Extramural Public Scholarship System [JASSO]

Students must be recommended by a school in order to receive a scholarship from the Japanese government. To do so, students must meet all recommendation requirements including academic grades, attendance, and a proper learning attitude.

(1) Supply Amount (Monthly) : ¥30,000
(2) Valid Period for Grant : 1 year